Nature Products


Nature ProductsThe Nature Products Department offers a wide range of food products and functional food ingredients. Our products contribute to the overall taste and quality of food and are particularly convenient for our customers in the food retail and food preparation industries.


  Product Supplier
B-to-C Alpen Salz” rock salt Südsalz AG, Germany
Sahne Wunder” whipped cream Hochwald GmbH, Germany
B-to-B “Alpen Salz” and “Brezelsalz” rock salt Südsalz AG, Germany
Decaffeinated coffee beans CR3 Hermsen GmbH, Germany
Decaffeinated tea Evonik Industries AG, Germany
Natural anhydrous caffeine Stabilimento Farmaceutico
‘Cav. G. Testa’ S.rl, Italy
Freeze dried coffee and fruits Dr. Suwelack GmbH, Germany
Hop BayWa AG, Germany
Brewing malt IREKS GmbH, Germany
“QimiQ” QimiQ Handels GmbH, Austria
Spices Aurapa GmbH and Gewürzmüller, Germany
Starter cultures Aurapa GmbH, Germany
Phosphate additives CFB Budenheim KG, Germany

Food Quality Examination

Together with our partner the DLG eV. we organize the participation of Japanese food producers in annual food quality examinations in Germany.
We also host DLG food quality examinations in Japan in order to certify the high standards of Japanese foods and to contribute to their further development.

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