Building & Design

We introduce new building and interior materials to the Japanese market, mostly from Europe, to help support and enrich the creativity of architects and environment designers. If there is a material that is not yet distributed in Japan, let us know and we will find out more.

  • KEIM silicate paint

    Supplier: Keimfarben GmbH, Germany

    Craftsman and natural scientist Adolf Wilhelm Keim was granted the patent for the mineral paints he developed in 1878. For over 140 years, the so-called 'KEIM Mineral Paints' are considered synonymous with colour brilliance and unrivaled longevity. And the working principle of their unequaled longevity has always remained the same up to today: the silicate binder water glass forms an inseparable chemical bond with the mineral substrate during the chemical process of so-called silicification. Peeling paint layers, such as those known from synthetic resin paints, are excluded in the case of a mineral-silicate coating.

  • Architecture textile i-Mesh

    Supplier: Sailmaker International S.r.L., Italy

    i-Mesh is a technical and sustainable textile for architecture. It's made of everlasting high-performance fibers, it can be applied equally indoor and outdoor. i-Mesh is unique in the world because of its fully custom features: you are free to design any patterns, to enrich your projects and meet all the special requirements of your customers.

    Applications: Interior and exterior separators, shades, zoning, projection screens, art, etc.

  • XSTONE Surfaces

    Supplier: XSTONE Group, Germany

    XSTONE’s mineral veneer provide an innovative range of environmentally-friendly surfaces, made with natural stone and metal, offers easy-to-install finishes without the constraints of traditional methods.

    Applications: Interior walls, furniture, acoustic panels

  • AGLAIA Natural Paint

    Supplier: BEECK'sche Farbwerke GmbH, Germany

    Highly sustainable paint made from regrowing plant oils and mineral stones. It's totally matte texture will provide a soft light in your interior, with a coverage of over 300 standard colors.

    Applications: Interior walls, furniture, windows

  • BEECK Mineral Paint

    Supplier: BEECK'sche Farbwerke GmbH, Germany

    Buliding paint made by one of Germany's most traditional paint manufacturers, established in 1984. Used world-wide for iconc buildings, such as the U.S. White House, it provies extreamly long-lasting and beautiful, mineral paint with brilliant colors that will stay for a generation.

    Applications: Interior and exterior walls