Business Development

We introduce new building and interior materials to the Japanese market, mostly from Europe, to help support and enrich the creativity of architects and environment designers. If there is a material that is not yet distributed in Japan, let us know and we will find out more.

  • KEIM silicate paint

    Supplier: Keimfarben GmbH, Germany

    Craftsman and natural scientist Adolf Wilhelm Keim was granted the patent for the mineral paints he developed in 1878. For over 140 years, the so-called 'KEIM Mineral Paints' are considered synonymous with colour brilliance and unrivaled longevity. And the working principle of their unequaled longevity has always remained the same up to today: the silicate binder water glass forms an inseparable chemical bond with the mineral substrate during the chemical process of so-called silicification. Peeling paint layers, such as those known from synthetic resin paints, are excluded in the case of a mineral-silicate coating.

  • Architecture textile i-Mesh

    Supplier: Sailmaker International S.r.L., Italy

    i-Mesh is a technical and sustainable textile for architecture. It's made of everlasting high-performance fibers, it can be applied equally indoor and outdoor. i-Mesh is unique in the world because of its fully custom features: you are free to design any patterns, to enrich your projects and meet all the special requirements of your customers.

    Applications: Interior and exterior separators, shades, zoning, projection screens, art, etc.