Metallurgical Products

The Metallurgical Products Department provides natural graphite which is used in many applications and silicon metal as raw material for semiconductors and silicone products. We also offer the auxiliary materials for steel production. All essential products in today’s high-tech world.

  • Natural and artificial graphite

    Supplier: Graphit Kropfmuehl GmbH, Germany; Bogala Graphite Lanka PLC, Sri Lanka

    Graphit Kropfmuehl is a graphite refiner from southern Germany with a mining history of over 140 years. A graphite specialist providing the right material for our individual client's usage. The company's production sites are located across the globe in Germany, Great Britain, France, the Czech Republic, the USA, China, Mexico, Brazil and Sri Lanka to secure the highest quality raw materials.

    Applications: pencils, grease, carbon brushes, gaskets, electrodes, fire-retardant materials, etc.

  • Aluminium sandwich panels Metawell

    Supplier: Metawell GmbH, Germany

    Metawell lightweight panels are constructed like cardboard, sandwiching a waved aluminum sheet on one or both sides with aluminum sheets.

    Being very lightweight yet extremely rigid, and simple to adapt and form, the panels are widely used in transportation, in construction and for industrial applications. The panels are certified under various standards:

    • IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard)
    • MED (Marine Equipment Directive)
    • Japan Rolling Stock & Machinery Association: Railway carriage material combustion test: Incombustibility

    Applications: Train carriages (doors, walls, ceilings, floor, seats), building interior (wall, ceiling, floor), building facade, automotive (floor, seating), welfare and healthcare, furniture, etc.

  • Silicon metal

    Supplier: Rima Industrial SA, Brazil

    Rima Industrial is a leading producer of silicon-based alloys in Brazil. The company produces annually over 250,000mt of high-purity quartz from company-owned mines, for refining into silicon metal, which is delivered to customers world-wide.

    Applications: Silicone resin, semiconductors, PV panels, etc.