Nature Products

The Nature Products Department offers a wide range of food products and functional food ingredients. Our products contribute to the overall taste and quality of food and are particularly convenient for our customers in the food retail and food preparation industries.

  • Alpensalz

    Supplier: Südsalz AG, Germany

    Rocksalt from the German alps, created over an time of over 250 million years. Sold as consumer products and as ingredient for food processing.

  • Decaffeinated coffee beans

    Supplier: CR3 Hermsen GmbH, Germany

    99.9% of the caffeine is removed from coffee beans while keeping the flavor using patented liquid CO2 extraction method.

  • Natural anhydrous caffeine

    Supplier: CR3 Hermsen GmbH, Germany

    High-purity, anhydrous natural caffeine powder created from refined raw caffeine, extracted during the decaffeinating of coffee beans.

  • AURAPA spices

    Supplier: AURAPA Würzungen GmbH, Germany

    Aurapa liquid spices are used for natural-oriented hams and sausages. Aurapa makes rich flavors, colors, and tastes possible without the use of color formers such as sodium nitrite or potassium nitrate.

  • QimiQ

    Supplier: QimiQ Handels GmbH, Austria

    QimiQ is a natural cream product. From main dish to dessert, warm to cold, it can be used to create authentic dishes without adding emulsifiers or thickening agents.

  • Freeze Dried Coffee

    Supplier: Dr. Suwelack GmbH, Germany

    Dr. Suwelack has a history of over 100 hears, creating high-quality freeze dried products with rich flavors, such as coffee.

  • Concrete slats for barns

    Supplier: Suding Beton- und Kunststoffwerk GmbH Suding is a leading manufacturer of concrete slats for animal barns with a history of over 50 years.

    We offer their quality concrete slats with high durability upon your request.

  • (Case example of installation)

    Cattle slats installed in cattle barn.